Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5 of the Best Smelling Mens Cologne

Looking for the best smelling mens cologne?

Whether we're trying to impress somebody or just adding to your overall style, a good smelling men's cologne never hurts! Check out some of these great colognes for men.

best smelling mens cologne

Yves Saint Laurent L'homme is a fresh spicy scent with some woody notes. It opens up with smells of bergamot and ginger. It then fades into fresh and spicy scents, closing out with a woody fragrance. Yves Saint Laurent has many different flavors out in the markets today. M7 is another from YSL that has proven to be a great fragrance.

 best cologne for men

Aventus Creed for Men was launched in 2010 by Olivier and Erwin Creed. This awesome juice has some slick packaging inspired by the life lived by Emperor Napoleon himself. The finest hand-selected ingredients contribute to the steeper price, but in this case you really do get what you pay for. Fruity and sweet with top notes of pineapple, red apple and blackcurrant which you don't see often. Mid notes of wood and flowers and topped off with base notes of amber and oak moss, this is some of the best cologne for men.

 best mens cologne

Diesel Fuel for Life comes highly recommended by men and women alike. It's pure sex for the most part. With notes of raspberry, lemon and lavender, Fuel for Life can't help but make the wearer a target for compliments. Longevity is excellent with this cologne. One of the best smelling mens cologne and sexy to boot!

 popular mens cologne

Armani Attitude - The Giorgio Armani line has many great colognes, and Armani Attitude doesn't disappoint. The odd coffee and sicilian lemon blend on the top notes give this cologne a unique touch. Launched in 2007 and created by several perfumers, this is a great cologne for men to check out.

 cologne for men

BLV Pour Homme Bvlgari for Men is a great fresh and spicy scent. With the dominant note being ginger and the cardamom blend with sandalwood makes for an excellent fragrance. Decent sillage and exceptional longevity. Another one that deserves a spot on the best smelling colognes list.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Cologne

best mens cologne collection

Colognes are what give you that signature scent. A lot of the top selling mens cologne leaves a positive and lasting impression on those you come into contact with. Which could be a good thing.

There are a variety of scents and notes used for different occasions. You will have to find a retailer to try out the plethora of colognes that are available on the market today. When looking to choose a cologne, keep these things in mind.


While there are many magnificent scents in the upper price range, there are also many and plenty affordable colognes out there, including some of the best smelling mens cologne. Figure out how much you want to spend. Most colognes are available in a variety of sizes so if you like one but it's a bit expensive, opt for the smaller version if it's available. Also look for discount codes if shopping online.


When do you plan to wear the cologne? If it's everyday casual use find something light. Same goes for if you work in an office. Look for something that complements you well, but is not too overpowering. If it's for a romantic night out, you would want something more heavier in scent. Something to leave that lasting impression. Some of the best mens cologne can be used for both casual and romantic situations.

top mens cologne

Cologne Notes

Colognes have what are called notes which are basically the scents in a cologne. The stuff that percolates your olfactory system. There are three types of notes when talking about colognes and perfume:

Top Notes: These give off the first scent impression. These notes have a light scent and tend to fade away within 30 minutes.

Middle Notes: Middle notes can be considered the "body" of the notes blended together, top to bottom. These notes take a few minutes before being discovered and developing on the skin.

Base Notes: The Mac Daddy of the notes. This is the strongest, heaviest part of the full body of notes in a perfume or cologne. This is the part that gives the cologne's scent its holding power. When looking up notes in a cologne, keep in mind that these will represent most of the scent as they are the most powerful.

Online or Offline Shopping

If you have a mall or retailer around, go check out the mens cologne section and use some testers. Try one each on each wrist. Wear this for a few hours to get an idea of how well it lasts and if it works with your own body scent. Once you've found a cologne that you like, go online and purchase it as it will be considerably cheaper buying it off the internet. Make sure to use reputable merchants and make sure you get the exact type you tested as there are multiple types from each brand.

Whether you want to impress a lady friend or just looking to add a little extra to your persona, choosing a cologne that smells good with your natural body scent will have you exuding confidence and strutting your stuff. Keep the above tips in mind when you're out shopping for mens cologne. Check below for some of the best cologne for men.

Giorgio Armani - The Code Cologne Line

best cologne for men

Giorgio Armani makes some great colognes. Check out the original Code, Code Ultimate and Code Sport for some sexy men's fragrances.

Creed GIT (Green Irish Tweed)

top selling mens cologne

Fan favorite by many. Green Irish Tweed by Creed is on many cologne lover's list as one of the best men's cologne on the market.

Kenneth Cole - Black

best selling mens cologne

Seductive, tantalizing scent. KC kicks it up a notch with the Black cologne line. Make her melt with this scent.

Friday, January 17, 2014

6 of the Top Selling Mens Cologne

What are Some of the Top Mens Cologne?

Finding that perfect fragrance for you may be a tough one. For some good ideas, check out some of these highly rated and popular colognes for men.

L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake for Men
top selling mens cologne Issey Miyake

This is an oldie but goodie, debuting in 1994. This is a great fragrance if you're looking to impress the ladies or just looking for a light, woody scent. Very good cologne for men.

Acqua Di Gio
best mens cologne giorgio armani

Being one of the most popular men's cologne, ADG by Giorgio Armani makes the list of the top selling mens cologne with ease. Keep all the different armani cologne types into consideration as they are all very popular and well reviewed as some of the best mens cologne.

Cool Water by Davidoff

popular mens cologne cool water davidoff

Cool Water is a very refreshing scent that can be worn casually as it's not too overpowering. Another very popular men's cologne, Davidoff's Cool Water is also very affordably priced at around $25 for 4.2oz.

Nautica Blue

best smelling mens cologne nautica blue

Nautica really provides the bang for buck in the mens fragrance scene. Being a value buy, Nauticas base notes don't tend to stick around for long. Light, refreshing,cool and crisp, you can wear this as a casual cologne. In my opinion, one of the top mens cologne for the price.

Curve by Liz Claiborne

best selling mens cologne curve liz claiborne

A classic cologne, Curve has been making men smell good since it first debuted. Very long lasting with floral and spicy notes that give it it's own signature smell. One of the top fragrances for men available on the market today.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million

best cologne for men paco rabanne 1 million

A Sexy Men's Cologne! Nothing much else to say here. Most women are in agreement when it comes to how much they love this cologne. A winner for sure being one of the best fragrances for men.